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.05 ETH

What the f**k are Drawtoons?

Drawtoons are 7777 algorithmically generated little characters with all parts entirely hand drawn by Drawtism alone.

head to discord to get your name on the whitelist

These personal little characters are created using over 300+ hand drawn characteristics, resulting in the ability to produce over 11 BILLION unique combinations. To say that every Drawtoon will be unique is an understatement.

-The artwork, toons and holders are part of a much larger picture.

-DRAWTOONS ANIMATED- (feature in, and/or voice act in the virally anticipated drawtoons animated series by simply owning one)
Drawtoon Comics/Animations, Featuring your NFTs, and entire story decided by the holders! (with plans to reward holders with further $crayon royalties from animation video revenue, these will be tied to the asset to increase the value in your hold)
the series will be posted online through my socials to be watched by millions.

-Advanced $CRAYONOMICS- holding Drawtoons will earn you $crayons which can be used to stake in increased voting rights or collected and used to redeem physical giveaways, NFTs and more raffle tickets in giveaways.
This community and exclusive society of collectors is eligible for regular cash and NFT giveaways, involvement in custom artworks dictated by the community, and a movement like no other.

All Drawtoons are minted 'Unrevealed' to give fair chance of anyone holding the Rarest.

reveal is 5 days after sellout, or 3 weeks after drop.. whichever soonest

see launch plan and faq below for more info..

or see full details on the discord

Toon image
Toon image
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Who the f**K is drawtism?

In September 2019, Drawtism was born. (not literally, you bellend). Quickly growing to a collective following of almost 500,000 across the internet, with his artwork reaching hundreds of millions. Even if you had not heard of Drawtism by name, it is almost guaranteed that his work has appeared on your timeline or newsfeed.

Drawtism’s foray into the non-fungible realm was motivated by many things, including:

Seeing the NFT model make art collective more inclusive.
The indiscrimination in that anyone could own the digital rights to artwork they loved.
The ability to for individuals to directly support their favorite artists.

However, it has saddened him to see the market beginning to head in the direction of the traditional physical art collecting market, making it almost impossible to support and own work from your favourite artist, unless you have a spare $20,000+ for 1/1's, likely more.

Anyone who is familiar with Drawtism’s work will be aware of the amount of times has been censored by social media platforms and certain social groups for “not playing by their rules.”

So, it will come as no surprise to hear that Drawtism wants to poke some big comfortable grizzly bears with a stick, and start using the NFT model to create utility, and give back to those that love and support his work.


“My client 'Example' was the first to show me Drawtism’s art, I instantly became a fan. His style and humour appeals and offends all demographics and the fact that he doesn’t play by the rules or follow trends is why I feel there is absolutely no limitation to what he will achieve. He is a ginger rainbow in a world of beige, and I am beyond excited for what the future holds, 'Drawtoons' is just the beginning..”

Micky Micky McNeice

How the f**k do I buy one?


Head to our discord to enter the exclusive vip club; where the party is only just beginning

For the full how to guide click here

How the f**k do I buy one?

Step 01

Download Metamask to your browser or device

Step 02

Make sure you are signed into metamask

Step 03

In metamask you can securely transfer enough funds to your wallet to make purchases

Step 04

On our designated minting page click on ‘connect wallet’

Step 05 - All set!

Mint as many as you wish; then strap yourself in.

Head to our discord to enter the exclusive vip club; where the party is only just beginning

For the full how to guide click here

Alpha Pass

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Alpha Passes Available


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Reserved For Giveaways


what do you get?

Lucky owners of this exclusive pass recieve 1 free NFT per drop*

Access to the secret ‘Alpha Lounge’ for early drop info

Early access to all drops before public release

*(+gas) Excludes flash drops, 1/1 and collabs




head to Discord for the full roadmap and have your say!


Stage 01

Five holders of Drawtoons will be randomly dropped Ethereum ranging from 0.2-1 Eth (determined with RNG)

Stage 02

Charity donation! $10,000 donated to a charity of the community's choice.

Stage 03

Exclusive Drawtoon 'Signature Collection' giveaway to holders

Stage 04

CUSTOM DRAWTOON GIVEAWAY, 5 collectors chosen to recieve a lucky 'Golden Ticket NFT', which can be burned to redeem a custom Drawtoon NFT to look just like you! These will be minted under Drawtism's exclusive 'Signature Collection'

Stage 05

All Drawtoons Revealed! PARTY TIME!
Eth giveaways up to 5 Eth!, Physical mystery box giveaways (containing merch, custom physical art pieces and some exclusive drawtistic surprises!), full integration with 'Rarity.Tools'. Initiate season 1 of the roadmap!


head to Discord for the full roadmap and have your say!


1. How many NFT’s will be minted?

The first collection is composed of 7777 Drawtoons, including 7 randomly distributed, Ultra Rare 1/1 Editions. The first 250 will be minted by the team for Alpha Pass holders and Giveaways. Pre-reveal giveaways will be random distribution. If any of the NFTs held by the team for future giveaways are revealed to be 1/1 Ultra Rares, they will be raffled off to the community using a random number generator.

2. When is the first drop?

Drawtism released small collections on OpenSea prior to announcing Drawtoons. Alpha Passes were offered to holders of these early collections (free + gas). Drawtoons official Drop date is October 28, 2021, at 8pm UTC.

3. How do i see what Drawtoon im getting?

All Drawtoons are minted 'UNREVEALED' to give fair distribution and chance to anyone winning the rarest Drawtoons, and also some exclusive prizes hidden in a select few too... shhh...

4. What is Metamask

Metamask is a cryptocurrency walletthat exsists solely on your device and gives you full control of your funds & assets

5. What is an Alpha Pass?

An 'Alpha Pass' is an NFT that entitles the holder to receive one free NFT per drop by Drawtism from now until the end of time (excludes Flash Drops, 1/1's and collabs).

It also provides the holder with exclusive access to the (Alpha Lounge) on Discord, where they may receive exclusive drop information, and early minting access.

Gold Alpha Passes are even further limited. They provide all the above benefits. Furthermore, holders of the Gold Alpha Pass receive three 3 NFTs per drop, and receive double entry into giveaways.

Missed out on an Alpha Pass? There will be giveaways held regularly in the Discord and on Twitter, and there may be some available for secondary sale on OpenSea.

6. What is the cost to mint?

Standard Alpha Passes mint cost is 0.05 Eth. (Gold Alpha passes cost TBC) A maximum of 1 token can be minted per transaction.

Drawtoons mint cost is 0.05 Eth. A maximum of 20 tokens can be minted per transaction. unlimited hold in wallet

7. What is a Flash Drop?

A flash drop is a limited collection of NFT’s which consists of Drawtisms limited edition works, and not within the bounds of the main Drawtoons Collection. An example would be Drawtism’s TP Alternatives Collection.

8. How many Traits and Variations are there?

Over 250+ traits, across 15 trait classes

9. 'wen reveal?'

All Drawtoons revealed 5 days after sell out, or 3 weeks after initial drop.

10. Why the hell would I buy one of these?

Only holders of Drawtoons will have exclusive access to Launch Plan and Roadmap giveaways. Drawtism has made it very clear that this is a project for the people. Community input will play a large role in determining the future of the project. A community wallet will be established with a large portion of funds and investments therein. The team has many ideas, but Drawtism believes it is more important that holders have their say also.


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